Customized Wetsuits

Tailored to perfection, our custom wetsuits redefine comfort for every dive, surf, or adventure—because your water escape deserves unmatched style and precision.

Commercial Wetsuits

Comfort, warmth and flexibility with a tough exterior.

Kids Wetsuits

Splash into fun with our kids’ wetsuits! Designed for play, our suits ensure young water enthusiasts stay comfy while exploring.

About Coral Wetsuits

Coral Wetsuits dove into the scene back in 1995, born out of the need to give a fresh start to folks who got a raw deal when their previous gig got gobbled up by a rival. Our roots are firmly planted in Cape Town, where our factory bustles with energy.

What sets us apart? Well, we’re not your run-of-the-mill crew. We’re the go-to squad for customized wetsuits that fit like a glove. Whether you’re into scuba, commercial ventures, triathlons, spearfishing, surfing, fishing, SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding), or even making a splash in the movie biz – we’ve got you covered.

Our workshop isn’t just a place where neoprene dreams come to life; it’s a hub of creativity. Need a little fixer-upper for your wetsuit, no matter the brand? We’ve got an in-house repair spot that works wonders.

The Coral Wetsuit isn’t just a piece of gear; it’s a symbol. We’re not just efficient; we’re your friendly neighborhood wetsuit team. And when it comes to service after the sale, we’re not just good – we’re excellent. Ready to dive in with us?

Coral Wetsuits

Life time guarantee on all stitching